Sunday, October 01, 2006


Wikis should now hold, I believe, a crucial place in every development team's utility belt. Information sharing, knowledge transmission, they all represent fundamental aspects of the development process within a team. There are a ton of wikis out there (e.g. see JSPWiki for instance) that provide the full features that will allow for this information knowledge base repository to be implemented.

Now, sometimes wouldn't it be nice to have a small personal wiki to jot your thoughts, todo lists, tips and tricks ? Something that you probably would not want to store on a shared wiki. TiddlyWiki gives you just that. For starters it is pretty impressive the ease in which you can start doing something with it....You just download a single html file (loaded with javascript functionality) drop it into a directory on your disk and access it via a browser. That's it. no more installation steps/tools/servers required! You're up-and-running ready to start writing. How cool is that ? And bringing features like tagging, RSS this brings an even more useful experience to the mix.

Yet another tool in my tool belt (will probably need a new belt sometime soon...mine is getting too crowded...;-) ).

Another tip picked up at the No Fluff Just Stuff conference. :-)

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