Thursday, March 16, 2006

An official name!

It's alive! We now have a name and a short blurb page about the new company. Tizra is the chosen name. After a careful round with several candidates this is the one that stuck. Check out our blurb page at

You might be wondering what on earth does Tizra mean (if anything)...well, check it our for yourself in this A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology entry.

Friday, March 03, 2006

New Company, New Life!

Big changes in my life! I decided to quit my job at Ingenta and take a shot at starting a new business with two other partners. We are now one week into this....Lots of productive discussions regarding the company structuring, logistics, lots of discussions in fleshing out the product we are going for. We believe we have a pretty cool idea that could gain traction. Next couple of months will tell. I will add to this blog further new company information as it becomes possible to make it public.

I'm sure to continue bumping my head on the wall but with a happy smile on my face...