Sunday, October 01, 2006

No Fluff Just Stuff Impressions

Damn you Jay Zimmerman for making my life so hard during the No Fluff Just Stuff conference days ;-). For two and a half days you made me go through the excruciating pain of having to choose one presentation for each time slot...I could have put boring, uninteresting sessions in there to make my life easier but had to give us a choice of absolutely fascinating topics presented by brilliant speakers. And pretty much at all time slots ? Come on....I came back refreshed and enthusiastic from the presentations, exhausted from the selection process.

Now seriously (in case you have not picked up *yet* that I'm joking), the No Fluff Just Stuff conference was simply fantastic. The organization, and Jay Zimmerman in particular, did a fantastic job of putting this together. The place was pretty well setup, the materials were really good and organized, the topics impressive (I would have gone to all of them could I clone myself!), the speaker list really overwhelming. You would get to hear the presentations in decently sized rooms (not huge theater like places like other conferences), you would get to interact with the speakers (in and out of the sessions) to ask questions and just exchange ideas. And there were even nice goodies raffled among the audience (I was not one of the lucky ones to get a prize but hey, that was not what I went there for ... obviously still trying to rationalize! ;-) )

In short...count me in for the next one! This is a hidden gem of a conference!

And, if you could not make it, you can still get the No Fluff Just Stuff Anthology from any shelf of any good tech bookstore (or amazon if you also consider virtual shelves for that matter).

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