Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Synch with team members off-site!

If you ever had to work with team members off-site you know that it can be extremely difficult to convey ideas or to explain/discuss ideas. There are however a ton of tools that can help with that effort...In typical "Bumping my Head on the Wall" style, here is one that is working really nice for me. Microsoft Office LiveMeeting does what I need and more...I can share my apps with whoever I am talking to, can give control of those apps to the other party, etc... From the distributed development team perspective this does seem to be a very very cool and useful tool. It does solve a bit the issue of the difficulty of showing things or discussing ideas with off-site team members...Kind of gives you back that "drop by your cube" feeling. Like I said, this is far from being the single tool doing it out there...I have also used Webex in the past with also pretty good results. But if you have off-site team members you have got to have something like this in your tool bag!

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