Friday, November 25, 2005

Professional Apache Tomcat 5

Here's a nice book I just finished reading a couple of weeks ago. Since I actually work with Tomcat I found the book to be pretty useful. I did learn about a series of items that I did not know as much as I should and would recommend without any hesitation this book to anyone wanting to know a bit more about Tomcat. It does shed some light into features of Tomcat that I had not explored before (e.g. built-in DB connection Pooling, tomcat clustering, JMX). If there is anything that I would correct about this book, it would definitely be the chapter on Tomcat+Apache integration. The book is all about mod_jk2 which is now a connection component dropped by Apache in favor of mod_jk and proxy_ajp. The examples for database connection pooling actually did not work for me, but getting the gist of it was enough to allow me to explore and figure out the right way to achieve it.

Veredict: rates pretty high on my list.