Friday, July 06, 2007

Problems with Keyboard Mapping when Running vncviewer on Ubuntu

In the hope that this adds to the list of solutions out there that can actually help people...
If you are having keyboard mapping issues when trying to connect via vncviewer to a machine running vncserver on Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) with gnome, try this:

Create a ~/.vncrc file and add to it:

        $vncStartup = "<your_home_dir_here>/.vnc/xstartup"; 

Create a ~/.vnc/xstartup file (or edit) and make sure it contains:
        xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
gnome-wm &
gnome-panel &
nautilus --no-default-window &
gnome-cups-icon &amp;
gnome-volume-manager &
cd ~
xterm &

Solved the problem for me. Credit where it belongs, found the solution here:

My take on it, posts do help find solutions, here is my contribution to try helping others find a solution quicker.

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