Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last year I dove into the iPod addiction...Maybe not very typically, I really did not get into it because of music but because of technical podcasts. Music I can do in a number of other ways but the amount of technical podcasts that are out there for free is just overwhelming and it can be a fantastic source for free training and technical news feed. I have not regretted diving into it yet and am currently in a iPodaholic state. This is a fantastic way to make your commute useful and pleasurable. Ironically I now think my commute is just too short (got me an iTrip FM transmitter to hook it up to my car radio). :-) Podcast shows are getting more and more interesting and show durations are getting longer with deeper more involved content coming in. To any developer these days I say that listening to podcasts is now an essential way to keep up to date, in addition to book reading, playing with cool stuff after-hours, magazines and blogs (and I wonder where time goes!?!!?). I should also be saying that podcasting is not only about technical podcasts.....there is pretty much a podcast for any thing you might think of.

Anyway, these are the must-have-on-my-iPod podcasts:

  • The Java Posse: in my opinion, the best podcast out there on Java development. These guys do news info update, analysis of tools, overall software development discussions. Absolutely top of my list.
  • Software as She Developed: pretty interesting podcast on software development. The author Michael Mahemoff is the author of the Ajax Design Patterns book so you can expect this podcast to bring in a good amount of that experience.
  • Audible Ajax: name says all, a really good podcast on Ajax.
  • Software Engineering Radio: good presentations on software engineering in general. Covering topics like agile development, SOA, development processes, etc.
  • Javapolis: one of the best Java conferences around. You can find podcast feeds for some of the presentations in here. A free way to "be" at the conference.
  • TalkCrunch: a really interesting podcast on web 2.0 companies.
  • Venture Voice: talks and discussions on entrepreneurship.
  • PodTech's Entrepreneurship Podcast: talks and discussions on entrepeneurship.
If you have not tried the podcasting listening experience I would say you need to try it! You can try it before you buy your player just by getting iTunes for instance...

And...if you have any other interesting tech podcast please drop me a line! I want more! :-)


Marcelino said...

My latest mp3 player is the microscopic iPod Shuffle 1GB, which I use exclusivily to listen to (non-technical) NPR podcasts on my commute.

I like Science Friday, and I love being able to time-shift it!

As Borat would say: "Niiice!"

Francisco Assis Rosa said...

Yup! Time-shifting is a crucial aspect of this experience...and not so technical, Major Nelson at also has a pretty cool XBox 360 podcast...which I am also addicted to (the podcast *and* the 360!) ;-)