Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Getting organized!

When you work on several things at time it becomes really important for you to track what you need to do, when you need to do it and to be "nudged" when it is time to do them...And along come things like Google Calendar and Airset (among tons of others!). I have personally been using Airset for quite sometime (long before Google Calendar showed up) and have been pretty impressed with what they have. With such an application I can keep separate calendars for my private life and my work. Even within the work information we can keep separate events from different activities (e.g. management roles activities, development activities, staff vacation). Nicest thing, you can have separate views or integrated views....easy enough to provide people synchronization since some of those calendar sections (tabs in their nomenclature) can be made shareable effectively allowing for people to know what each other is doing. And....for people like me that like to be "nudged" you can have as many warnings as you want on an event that is about to happen... more excuses...Get organized!


Marcelino said...

Falta dizer se é completamente gratuíto ou não.

Francisco Assis Rosa said...

Yup...Marcelino is right...forgot to can use it for free!