Thursday, December 22, 2005

Healing my head from the bumping on the wall ?

Yup...time for a pause...usual Christmas/New year's break...Will not be blogging but will be taking with me a couple of "christmas break collection" will include:

  • Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook
  • Spring: A Developer's Notebook

The Developer's Notebook series is actually proving to be pretty cool....granted it does not cover all you need to know and probably implies that you already know *something* but still...worth a read...They also deviate a bit from the "standard" technical book ranging around 150 pages instead of the 500-1000 typical tech book size...would consider them to be "quick reads"... As all tech books, reading them is not enough and some "hands in the dirt" is a requirement...mine are happilly getting dirty since these are technologies that I really want to play with and grok...

Blogging should resume in 2006...Happy hollidays and happy new year!

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